The Nursery Rhyme

The Nursery Rhyme

Since 2006, The Nursery Rhyme is known as the musical project of singer/songwriter Jasper Stockmans. A soft, breathy vocal harmony combined with atmospheric, repetitive piano and guitar accompaniment, defines the dreamy and spooky, but easy-going sound of The Nursery Rhyme.
However, Jasper’s skillful and introverted songwriting style was foreshadowed by a musical career with a punkband called Oversized. This band released 2 CD’s and some songs received airplay on Studio Brussel. Oversized played at festivals like Suikerrock, Strandfuif and Marktrock, with bands like De Mens and Therapy?. Appreciation increased, resulting in a victory in the rockcontest Rockvonk and a couple of gigs in France, The Netherlands, Denmark…
Influenced by great songwriters like Brian Wilson, Bob Dylan, Lennon & McCartney, Simon & Garfunkel, Jasper became interested in a new world. When he finished the search for excellent musicians for a new project, The Nursery Rhyme was born. Willem Schurmans completed the sound with his violin. Roel Brems takes the bass for his account and Mattijs Vanderleen plays the drums. The Nursery Rhyme started to perform (solo and/or with band) in the supporting programme of bands like Absynthe Minded and singer/songwriters like Allan Muller; and started doing gigs in Brussel (VUB KultuurKaffee), Leuven (STUK, Kulturama), Oostende (Theater Aan Zee), Dranouter (’t Folk Muziekcentrum), Gent, Antwerpen,… Airplay on radiostations like Radio 1, Radio 2, Studio Brussel, Urgent Fm, Fm Brussel and Radio Scorpio completed the picture. For now, that is; ‘cause The Nursery Rhyme plans to record a first ep-cd in 2009.



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